Hello World! Edit

Part 1 Edit

"Hello World" begins with Alex trying to view yaoi content on YouTube, where she is redirected to a site access denied page, courtesy of the Bureau of Information Technology and Civil Harmony, stating that the webpage is blocked due to very erotic and/or violent content. Alex seethes and marches over to Vance's room, yelling his name at the top of her lungs while swiftly kicking his door open. She whines that her VPN connection has been disrupted, spoiling her ability to watch yaoi. Vance informs her that she should use SSH tunneling instead, as VPN and other methods of bypassing The Great Firewall are not always reliable. Alex begs Vance to help her set up SSH, but Vance tells her to learn on her own. She sarcastically remarks that she'll go Google that, except for the fact that it's blocked and pounding her laptop on Vance's head while doing so.