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[][][][][][][][] (Part 2) is the second part of Chapter 1 in the Fisheye Placebo series and was released on May 3, 2014 on DeviantArt[1] and to Tapastic on May 10, 2014.[2]

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Vance, having dropped his towel in shock, is completely nude as he sees that it's not Robin in the room but Frey. After the latter mocks Vance's manhood, who then poorly attempts to cover up, Frey, pretending to work for the university as a Campus InfoSpec specialist, reveals he knows Vance hacked the system which is punishable by expulsion from school on top of possible jail time and/or a hefty fine. Under this perceived threat, he gets Vance to agree to be a "penetration tester" by helping test for vulnerabilities in the system and, in return, his records will stay clean. Happy with this, Frey then orders Vance to get dressed as they're heading out.

Elsewhere in the city, Jen is spray painting more anti-government slogans when police arrive and try to arrest her. Prepared, she throws one of her spray cans down, causing a huge, colorful smoke cloud that she uses to escape on her skateboard, with the police getting into their car to chase after her.

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