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[][][][][][][][] (Part 3) is the third part of Chapter 1 in the Fisheye Placebo series and was released to DeviantArt[1] and Tapastic[2] on August 8, 2015.

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That night, Frey (wearing Vance's clothes) leads his unwitting accomplice to their destination, with Vance questioning why they're outside and Frey responding that they must assess the physical weaknesses in the system first; in particular, checking that shredded material was shredded sufficiently or not. Vance realizes this means dumpster diving and becomes further annoyed that it explains why Frey is wearing his clothes.

The two eventually arrive at their destination: the dumpsters behind the university's main administration building, with Vance bombarding Frey with questions, regarding everything from if dumpster diving is necessary to how they'd even know what to look for.

Elsewhere in the city, Jen is being pursued by the police and eventually escapes down a narrow alley so the police car can't follow. Instead of pursuing her on foot, the policemen decide to call it quits for the night and to look over the surveillance footage tomorrow, feeling sure they'll get her eventually.

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