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[][][][][][][][] (Part 5) is the fifth part of Chapter 1 in the Fisheye Placebo series and was released to DeviantArt[1] and Tapastic[2] on March 11, 2018.[3]

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Allie is seen posting up copies of the underground Vox Populi newspaper along a building's wall where, just around the corner, Frey and Vance are emerging from their dumpster explorations. As the two round the corner, Vance accidentally runs into the young woman, knocking them both down while Frey peers over the scattered papers, noting how scandalous it is but assuring her they won't report her to Solar Eye as long as she doesn't report them in return.

After Allie gets back up, Frey hands over the newspaper he was looking at before telling her he has information that belongs in it and asks to become a "voice of the people". Not amused, Allie snatches the paper back before telling Frey he can join if he passes the test before she departs.

Vance questions what that was all about and Frey informs him they're an underground newspaper that reports on government corruption, and thus tend to be censored by Solar Eye. Still playing on his fake persona, Frey then tells Vance that, with his help, he intends to find their base and turn the "criminals" in. Vance shows reluctance at this, even with Frey pressuring him about how civil unrest would cause Vance to lose the comfortable lifestyle that he's used to, before Frey backs off remarking "what can a single person do anyway...".

References Edit

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  3. The reason for the long hiatus is because Wenqing Yan injured her hand to the point she had to limit how much drawing she did every day. To try and not strain herself, she then enlisted the help from a 3D team that'd "build" the sets that she could quickly paint over.