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Part 4 Edit

Cocoa appears at the end of this strip, painting one of Yuumei's digital paintings, titled "Guilty", inside of the studio she shares with Jen. Jen knocks on the door of their studio and Cocoa opens it, ending the strip.

Part 7 Edit

Cocoa warmly welcomes home Jen, stating she's missed her before asking how her night went. Things didn't go smoothly though, and at the suggestion Jen's cat costume won't work much longer, Cocoa offers to make her another one and research into options to help get around Solar Eye's algorithm that caught on so quickly to Jen's activity that night. As Jen strips down for a shower, she voices her feelings that she's pointlessly endangering their lives for something that'll be covered up and censored within the day. Cocoa tries to comfort her friend, telling Jen her art is a symbol of the resistance and someone needs to let the people know they're free. This falls on deaf ears though and as Jen heads off to take her shower, voicing if she's even making a difference, Cocoa quietly remarks that, to her, Jen's always made a difference.