Eva works for Solar Eye, having been the previous head's secretary. However, after Leo takes over she now has to work for him and he is far less willing to be nice.[1]

Biography Edit

While Eva's not stupid, she's never worked with cyber security and isn't the best person for the job,[1] but through family connections, her good looks, bribery, and sex, she managed to land the secretary position of Solar Eye's leader[2] and live a comfortable lifestyle as such. After Leo took over as the new head of Solar Eye though, the power dynamics changed.

Leo, who had to climb up the social ladder by himself, detests those born into privileged lives, like Eva, and doesn't hold back on making her miserable.[1]

Appearance Edit

Eva has curly blonde hair, yellow eyes, and two moles below her left eye. She wears a typical business suit with an orange tie with a Solar Eye design on it. Her name tag is affixed to the left side. It is presumed that there are 6 buttons on her jacket.

Artist Description Edit

The lovely secretary at the Solar Eye. She obtained her position through family influence, bribery, and sex. She lived a comfortable life under the old leader, however Leo will be a unexpected change in power dynamics.[2]

References Edit

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