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Vance is one of the main characters appearing in Wenqing Yan's comic, Fisheye Placebo. Vance is initially seen witnessing what appears to be a boy (perhaps Frey) down on his knees at gunpoint. Vance looks on in trepidation and quickly turns tail and makes a break for it, eventually reaching a fence, where he tries to catch his breath. He then questions why the event (the Democracy Protests) turned out the way it did, as well as his own intentions regarding what he wanted ("Truth? Justice? Freedom?"). Vance questions whether or not the images of terror in the streets of the Central Eastern Republic truly reflect the ideals of the democracy that he and his friends have been fighting for. He then asks aloud to Frey (mostly to himself) if this was the revolution he had in mind. The intro seems to feature events that have not chronologically been set into action yet, but that Vance will lead up to. Read more...
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Observe! When I'm done with Operation Acquire Girlfriend, this sexy redhead will be "mysteriously" assigned as my new roommate!

Vance to his sister Alex, Fisheye Placebo: Chapter 0

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