Stop by here for all the latest news involving all your favorites: Wenqing Yan and (of course) anything related to the Fisheye Placebo comic!

  • WarriorLoverInc

    Chat enabled

    November 22, 2013 by WarriorLoverInc

    I've enabled the experimental Chat function for greater community connectivity. I'm also looking into chat moderators/local admins. If you are interested in adminship or becoming a chat mod:

    • Please contact me (User talk:WarriorLoverInc) with your mo…
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  • WarriorLoverInc

    The Fisheye Placebo Wiki was created today (August 15, 2011) by User:WarriorLoverInc.

    This wiki is focused on the future graphic novel by Wenqing Yan, Fisheye Placebo. Edit to help share your knowledge and enjoy the information of others!

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