Frey outfit
Biographical Information
Name Frey
Alias Julia, No.44
Title --
DOB --
Age --
Physical Information
Status Active
Location CERia
Nationality --
Gender Male
Hair Light grey (formerly blond)
Eyes Light blue
Skin Pale
Relationship Information
Family Nadezhda (mother)
Affiliations Robin, Vance
Occupation College Student, Hacker, Social Activist
Series Information
First Appearance Ch 0 (Part 1)
Last Appearance Chapter 1 (Part 4)
Mentioned Intro - Hello World

Frey is a hacker and a student at Stuxent University. He works with Robin and has succeeded in hacking into Solar Eye's database.

Appearance Edit

Fisheye placebo frey by yuumei-d3cak01

Frey's full appearance

Frey has grayish-white hair that is long enough to reach his eyes. His hair used to be blonde but he dyed it. He has bright turquoise eyes, along with matching colored headphones. He's mostly seen wearing a turquoise shirt with a brownish-grey fur hoodie over it, skinny jeans, and black converse shoes. When he was younger, his hair was blonde and his eyes were blue.[1]

When dressing up as a girl, Frey uses the name "Julia" and wears a black curly wig. He also wears a black dress with green polka dots and earrings. Frey has a lean figure which allows him to appear slim even as a girl.

Virtual Appearance Edit

The cyber version of Frey has blue hair which is almost the same style as his real-life hair. He also wears white headphones that say "Bodies upon the gears", a black colored suit with a turquoise collared shirt underneath, and pants, along with a white tie and white gloves. In his hacker alias, Frey wears a white mask which has the words "Fisheye Placebo" printed under the left eye, the words "Through the distorted lenses I found a cure" above the left eye resembling an eyebrow, and the words "You are free" printed on the lower part of his mask, resembling a smile of a mouth of the mask.  His hacker handle is No. 44.[2]

History Edit

Frey used to live in the UK with Robin. They went to a Catholic high school and lived in separate dorms. Frey's high school uniform consisted of a black shirt, long white tie, a dark blue blazer and long grey pants. Frey is also shown to have been blonde in the past.[3]

Tumblr mf7o09gVwk1qe959eo2 1280

Frey in his high school uniform.

Personality Edit

Frey is shown to be a rather intelligent individual. He appears to have a manipulative side to him shown when he toys with Vance during their internet chat when he pretended to be Robin, and again when he confronts Vance as an agent. Frey is cunning, observant, and appears to hold philosophical standpoints, shown during the conversation when he calls Vance a "sheep in man's clothing." He also seems to be rather devious when it comes to the way he operates. Frey also seems to have a dry sense of humor that is sometimes misinterpreted by others, such as when he met Vance for the first time and called him 'Roomie' then rating him '3/10. Not impressed' when commenting on Vance's genitals. Or rather the lack thereof, it would seem.

Concept Edit

  • Before the release of Fisheye Placebo there was many concept designs of Frey and Vance being "chummy".
  • Frey's dorm is very jail like, which can be seen in this picture.
  • Frey also has much concept art showing him playing violin, see Frey's Violin.

Trivia Edit

  • Some artworks depicts Frey playing an Electric Violin, though we have yet to see his skill within the comics. It is named "Sound and Fury." (See Also: Frey's Violin)
  • A post in Wenqing Yan's Tumblr show a cosplay of Vance kissing Frey and she says in strikethrough text "This is now canon", this could also mean "This is official". It is not known if this is a joke or not but if it isn't, then Frey and Vance may have a relationship in the future. 
  • Frey, just like Robin, has also crossdressed for information (social engineering). His alias is Julia.
  • In Norse mythology, Frey (also written as Freyr or Yngvi-Freyr) is the god of fertility and is also associated with sacral kingship. The god is also said to be highly attractive.
  • His sweater quotes the book opening for Anna Karenina "Happy Families Are All Alike". The text is made backwards purposely, this is meant for the wearer to read when looking into the mirror for introspection.
  • The name Frey also is similar to the word "free", which is what Frey seems to try to achieve with a revolution.
  • Frey is known to have an androgynous voice.

References Edit