"Frey, we have a problem."
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Robin SolovievEdit

Frey and Robin are former high school friends. During the time they were in high school, Frey often dressed up as "Julia" to go over to Robin's dorm room. Frey and Robin are also seemingly comfortable with each other, as Robin interacts with him quite trustingly and doesn't seem to mind changing her clothes in front of him.[1]

Vance LeeEdit

Vance is Frey's dorm mate in Stuxent University. As depicted in Yuumei's tumblr, Frey seems to be fond of making fun of Vance, doing such things as turning the toilet paper inside out (the dorm's bathroom only has one roll of toilet paper) and teasing him for being single. He also teased Vance with an imitation of a girl's voice saying "Hey there~ roomie <3" when Vance's 'expectation failed' and realized Frey wasn't Robin, the hot roommate that he had hacked into the school to assign with him. He also gave Vance a dakimakura to sate his desires for a girlfriend. Frey also stated that Vance is 'everything that's wrong with this country', educated, tech savvy, and yet utterly apathetic. He stated that Vance is a 'sheep in man's clothing.' (A twist in the original idiom - A wolf in sheep's clothing. To describe Vance's actually very fragile character, unlike the original meaning of the idiom.) Frey mentions to Robin that Vance will be his 'first experiment' and that he'll 'expose him, break him and change him.'