Frey and Vance's dorm is where Frey and Vance stay while attending Stuxent University. Despite it being a top university, the dormitory building and rooms are rather shabby and more akin to prison cells.

Layout Edit

The dorm is a very small, windowless, studio style apartment, with barely enough room for two beds and a desk in the main room, along with a small kitchen to the right of the entrance that has a refrigerator, stove, sink, and microwave with a small counter for prepping food. To the left of the entrance is the door to the bathroom. On the far back wall, near Frey's bed, is a fixed ladder, suggesting one can access the roof from here.

Like many architectural designs in CERia, the room is mostly bare with poor functionality: there's two toilets in the bathroom and the kitchen sink's two faucets block each other, making it difficult to use either one. The room also only has one desk despite having two students housed here.

History Edit

When Vance moved in, his mother immediately disliked the derelict look of the building and the cramped space while his father claimed it was like a mansion compared to his dorm room back in China during his own college years. Ignoring this, Vance's mother was all but set on renting a better place for her son as they could easily do so but ultimately Vance chose to stay here, under the assumption Robin would be his roommate and whom he had a crush on. Soon after his family left, he soon learned his roommate was not the sexy redhead but Frey.

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