Hello World!
Part 3
Fisheye Placebo 3
Released 12 August, 2013
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) webcomic
Chapter Guide
Hello World! (Part 2)
Hello World! (Part 4)

Hello World! (Part 3) is the third part of "Chapter 0". It was first released to DeviantArt on 12 August, 2013[1] and later to Tapastic.[2]

Character appearancesEdit

Short SummaryEdit

Frey masquerades as Robin and chats with Vance through B-Social. Frey determines that Vance is not a government spy, as they feared. Meanwhile, Robin prepares for "Operation 2G1H"; crossdressing as a male photographer. The chapter ends with Robin fully dressed and carrying a Pentax DSLR.

Long Summary Edit

Robin in Fisheye Placebo part 3

A male crossdressed Robin.

Vance receives a friend request from Robin on B-Social, as she 'noticed he was going to be her new roomie and thought that they should get to know each other first, maybe intimately ;)'. Vance takes this as a sign of his plan working perfectly and uses his 'undeniable charm' on Robin. Frey, masquerading as Robin on B-Social remarks that he's pretty sure that Vance is not a spy anymore. Just to be sure, however, he lets Vance continue speaking the programming language of love to exploit the bugs in his human hardware. Robin gets dressed in her disguise in the meantime. Vance's software turns into hardware, and Robin heads out, fully dressed.


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