Hello World!
Part 5
Released 30 September 2013
Created by Wenqing Yan
Format(s) webcomic
Chapter Guide
Hello World! (Part 4)
Hello World! (Part 6)

Hello World! (Part 5) is the fifth part of "Chapter 0". It was first released to DeviantArt on 30 September 2013[1] and later to Tapastic.[2]

Character appearancesEdit

  • Police officers
  • Solar Eye workers
  • Frey (Hacker alias)

Short SummaryEdit

One of the officers hands the confiscated camera to one of the workers in the CCTV room, telling him to wipe it. He finds 2G1H on it, and the officer notices, and, despite his protests, copies the files onto one of the computers. It materializes into 604753. backdoor and Frey steps in.

Long Summary Edit

An officer drops the camera confiscated from Robin into one of the workers hands. About to do his nerd thing and wipe it, he glances at the photos on the camera. He spots some kinky shit however, and the officer notices. Hot damn. The officer decides to make a copy of it, despite the worker's protests, citing protocol. However, even protocol cannot get in the way of a man's need. And as such, 2 Girls 1 Horse is copied onto the computer. Rise. It rises from the horse and materializes. 604753. backdoor. Frey steps out, and says "I'm in."


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  2. Fisheye Placebo: CH 0 - Hello World (Part 5) on Tapastic

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