Jay as depicted in early concept art.
(note the QR code reads "marijuana")
Biographical Information
Name Jay
Alias 14 year old girl
Title --
DOB --
Age 26
Physical Information
Status Active
Location CERia
Nationality --
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Relationship Information
Family --
Affiliations Team Back Attack
Occupation Hacker
Series Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Jay is a hacker who works for Leo at the Solar Eye and is the leader of Team Back Attack.


Jay used to be a part of a chaotic neutral hacker team before he was caught and imprisoned. He has become the leader of Team Back Attack after accepting Leo's offer to waive his prison sentence in exchange for helping him track down No. 44.[1]

He is pretty laid back nowadays, after being an uptight chemical engineering major in college. After spending a year abroad in Berkeley, he got into tattoos and smoking pot.

Jay has always proclaimed to be a 14 year old girl which nobody believed.

Jay is the only one in the Solar Eye that smokes pot. Leo allows it as long as Jay works hard. The rest of Solar Eye finds the smell of pot wafting through their offices very disturbing.

References Edit


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