Jay is a hacker who works for Leo at Solar Eye and is the leader of Team Back Attack.

Biography Edit

Originally, Jay was a rather uptight chemical engineering major but after spending a year abroad in Berkeley, he got into tattoos and smoking pot and tends to be pretty laid back nowadays.[2]

He used to be part of a chaotic neutral hacker crew along with Michael and Mel until they were all caught and imprisoned. After Leo took over Solar Eye, he offered to waive their sentences if they tracked down No. 44 (Frey). Despite this, they're constantly confined to Solar Eye's HQ and must wear ankle trackers at all times.[1]

While CERia is rather strict in what's allowed and what's illegal, it doesn't appear to have any laws against smoking pot, and thus Leo allows Jay to smoke at work as long as he continues to work hard. However, the rest of Solar Eye's workers find the smell that wafts through their offices disturbing.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The QR code on his concept art is supposed to say "Marijuana".
  • Jay has always proclaimed to be a 14 year old girl which nobody believes.
  • He likes to mess with Mel's beanie, though she just ignores this.

References Edit

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