Chapter 1: [][][][][][][][] Edit

Part 1 Edit

Jen is seen finalizing her disguise, and skateboarding through the streets of CERia. She is then seen repeatedly painting the words 'You are free' along the side of a wall using a custom paint roller. The POV is then changed to the multiple security cameras in the streets, and it displays multiple pictures of Jen skating and spreading her graffiti, but is unable to identify her. Jen then skates up to one of the cameras and covers the lens with paint. The chapter ends with Jen spraying thick black wings on the wall surrounding a camera with the words 'One Nation Under Watch' displayed across them.

Part 2 Edit

Near the end of the strip, the words "Hands in the air" are called by a police officer to Jen, who is mocking the CERia Censorship Mascot by spray painting full black eyes and tentacles to the body, with the words "Warning! Democracy Denied." above the picture. The two officers attempt to apprehend Jen, but she then blinds the officers momentarily by throwing a can of spray paint, and she skates away, leaving a trail of neon behind her.

Part 3 Edit

Jen is shown skating away from the police. This chase goes on for a while before Jen escapes into a nearby alley, and the cops, chasing her by car, give up the chase.

Part 4 Edit

Jen appears briefly in this strip, as she arrives at her Cocoa's and art studio. Cocoa is also introduced in this strip.

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