Katja Catnip
Biographical Information
Name Katja
Alias Kitty, Catgirl
Title --
DOB Unknown
Age --
Physical Information
Status Unkown
Location Assumed to be CERia
Nationality --
Gender Female
Hair Orange/Red
Eyes Yellow/Cat-like
Skin White
Relationship Information
Family --
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Katja is a "catgirl" drawn by Wenqing Yan. While often mistaken as one, she is actually not a character appearing in the comic, Fisheye Placebo, being just a random design of a catgirl that Wenqing drew while working on the actual comic.

Appearance Edit

Katja has a orangish-red hair, and her eyes are yellow and look like cat's eyes. She wears a cat hoodie along with many other cat-related clothing such as her scarf, stockings, shoes, and cat-shaped glasses.

Story Edit

While Katja is not an actual character in the comic, she is often mistaken as such and assumed that she goes to the Stuxent University at the same time with Frey, Robin and Vance.

Naming Edit

The name Katja was created when people were wondering what would her name be. The name Katja rose up in the list of possible names and as Wenqing Yan was okay with it, it became her name.

Trivia Edit

  • Katja (pronounced as KAT-yah) is name commonly used in Germanic countries. It means "pure".
  • It is also possible that the name is a pun as the beginning of the name and the word cat is pronounced the same way.
  • The cat stockings Katja is seen wearing can actually be bought online.