Leo as depicted in early concept art
Biographical Information
Name Leo
Alias --
Title --
DOB Unknown
Age 24
Physical Information
Status Active
Location CERia
Gender Male
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Black
Skin Milky tan
Relationship Information
Family --
Affiliations Solar Eye
Occupation Head of Solar Eye
Series Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Leo is the new head of the Solar Eye. Leo's job of maintaining information throughout CERia crosses with Frey's ambition to take down the higher ups by shedding light on their corruption. 

Background Edit

Leo apparently had a difficult life, for he had to work his way into his ranks. It's because of this that he holds malicious feelings towards those who were born into their position and did not have to work as hard for it.

Recently, after the previous head of Solar Eye failed to do his job efficiently, Leo was promoted to the position.[1]