Operation 2G1H (shorthand for "2 Girls 1 Horse") was a plan orchestrated by Frey and Robin Soloviev to gain access to Solar Eye's network.

Plan Edit

After Frey and Robin returned to CERia, they strove to reveal the government's corruption and decided the best way to do so was to gain access to Solar Eye's network. As porn was illegal in the country, but still in demand by those who could get their hands on it, Frey and Robin created a folder of erotic photographs of two naked women posing with a toy horse and then infected it with a virus that'd let them create a backdoor into whichever network the folder was uploaded to.

To make sure it got into the right hands, Robin, cross-dressed as a male photographer, approached one of Solar Eye's restricted photography areas and began to take obvious photos, prompting several officers to confiscate the infected camera. When it was handed off to an IT worker to wipe it clean so they could sell it off later, he let out a shock of surprise at seeing the erotic images, prompting one of the officers to look and then demand the IT worker to copy the contents over to his work computer. Under this threat, the worker copied over the 2 Girls 1 Horse folder, opening a backdoor into the network's system for Frey. As it was a yet unknown security issue, the IT worker didn't detect the hidden virus and thought it was all safe.