Operation Acquire Girlfriend was a plan orchestrated by Vance Lee in his poor attempt to assign a hot girl (Robin Soloviev) as his college roommate in the hopes of them becoming a couple.

Plan Edit

About a week before he was due to start at Stuxent University, Vance used his hacking skills to access the school's network and search through all the other incoming students to find a hot girl as a prospective girlfriend. On finding Robin's file, he deemed she was the one he wanted to fill this role and thus changed the registry so that they were assigned as roommates.

Results Edit

While Vance's hacking wasn't detected by the school, Robin immediately realized there was a problem, as her request for a single room had already been approved by the school prior to Vance's stunt. Being an activist who was working to undermine CERia's censorship, she became paranoid about this but her fellow activist and friend, Frey, told her he'd deal with the problem.

By impersonating Robin, Frey chatted online with the unsuspecting Vance and quickly deduced Vance was just a horny teenager, not a government spy. However, as Vance had decent hacking skills and could get over the Great Firewall, Frey decided he'd change the tables and become Vance's roommate instead to ultimately expose Vance to all the corruption going on with the idea he'd help out the activists.