Robin's apartment is a studio apartment in CERia and where Robin Soloviev primarily stays. It also serves as Robin and Frey's base of operations so they have a safe place to plan out their activist agenda against the government's censorship.

Layout Edit

The apartment is a small, L-shaped, studio apartment with a bathroom across from the front door. The furniture is laid out so a couch, coffee table, and a small bed occupy the space near the front door, while around the corner is a small kitchen, complete with a stove and refrigerator, and a table with four chairs. In the corner part of the room, near the bathroom door, are a couple dressers.

The apartment also has a lot of windows for a small space: the wall in the kitchen area is dominated by a large window, and there's a large window across from the couch and bed area.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, every time the apartment is shown, including in concept art, Yuumei has always noted the one chair in the kitchen area that's been knocked over and never picked up.

Gallery Edit