Robin Soloviev
Robin hs
Biographical Information
Name Robin Soloviev
Alias --
Title --
DOB 9/13/1993
Age --
Physical Information
Status Active
Location CERia
Nationality --
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Skin White
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation College Student, Photojournalist
Series Information
First Appearance Chapter 0 (Part 1)
Last Appearance Chapter 0 (Part 8)
Mentioned --

Robin Soloviev is a student at the School of Information in Stuxent University. It is implied that Robin is not her real name. Robin is said to be one of the strongest physical fighters along with Manasvi. She is working together with Frey; assisting him with hacking into Solar Eye. She is also a photojournalist at Stuxent University.

Physical appearance Edit

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Robin's student registration record

Robin appears to have long, bright red hair. When she crossdresses as a boy, she wears cap that covers most of her hair, with her bangs being longer in the front than the back. She has bright green eyes.

Personality Edit

Robin is shown to be a stoic young woman who doesn't really speak much. The only person she seems to trust is Frey, considering he's the only person she ever talks to and the fact that she doesn't mind changing her clothes in front of him. When she was attending a Catholic School, she hated wearing the girl's skirts and wore pants under them, much to the chagrin of her teachers.  

History Edit

Robin was born in CERia after the cultural revolution. She lived in the UK for half of her life before returning to CERia with Frey as an international student at Stuxent University. Robin is stoic and doesn't talk much, except to Frey. She especially detests Vance, who hacked into the school system to reassign her as his roommate. She is very focused on her job as a photojournalist and is working together with Frey to destroy censorship and bring democracy to CERia. 

Concepts Edit

  • Robin's basic concept is fiery, as shown by her asymmetrical red hair.
  • Robin is often shown wearing checkered fashion.
  • Robin is shown in the "cat headphones" concept design.