Chapter 0: Hello World! Edit

Part 1 Edit

Robin first appears as the "sexy redhead" whom Vance plans to assign to be his roommate. Near the end of the strip, Robin notices this and informs Frey of the hacker.

Part 2 Edit

Robin becomes worried and increasingly paranoid as she discusses about her sudden, new roommate to Frey. Frey calms her down successfully, saying that he will take care of Vance for her.

Part 3 Edit

During the length of the strip, Robin is changing into her male disguise in order to carry out her and Frey's operation. While this is happening, Frey is 'flirting' with Vance under Robin's account in order to find out if he is a government spy or not. By the end of the strip, Robin has fully changed into her disguise of a male photojournalist.

Part 4 Edit

Robin arrives at the Solar Eye HQ and begins to take various pictures of, ironically, the "no cameras allowed" signs. Security guards quickly arrive at the scene and confiscate the camera. Afterwards, Robin calls Frey, telling him that "they took the bait."

Part 7 Edit

Robin appears for very few panels in this strip. Frey is seen updating her on the status of his hack into Solar Eye, and also reassures her that he still has a plan for Vance.

Part 8 Edit

Robin and Frey are seen talking on the roof of a building and watching Vance as he says goodbye to his family. Frey tells Robin of his plan to select Vance as their "experiment." He tells her of his plans to break him and mold him into the ideal hacker. Robin is hesitant to let him carry out this plan, saying that it's risky.

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Part 7 Edit

As Frey learns of Jen's identity as the mysterious graffiti artist, he then orders Robin to get ready for tomorrow and she responds with an affirmative.