The Bureau of Information Technology and Civil Harmony (abbreviated B.I.T.C.H.), or better known as Solar Eye by the underground press and hackers,[1] monitors and censors all material seen throughout CERia, effectively controlling the media so only government approved material is allowed to be shown.


The design of the Solar Eye is based on the concept of a panopticon in which the building is the "inspection house" and the city is the "prison". However, the design is only symbolic and cannot actually function as a panopticon because there is no way to see everything from the building. 

A modern day functional panopticon is created through the use of CCTV and internet surveillance. The philosophy behind this is that because we never know if we're being watched, it is better to be safe and stay within the line at all times, thus internalizing the authoritative gaze and staying obedient.

However, just like all other architecture, the building isn't without its counterproductive flaws. In this case, there's no sun shield in the dome and thus the bright sunlight turns all the LCD screens into black mirrors, making it difficult to do one's work.[2]



  • The name Solar Eye comes from the idea that the sun is always above and can be seen by everyone (except at night).

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