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The Wall

A long wall that was built by the Imperials. At least 10% of the wall has been torn down and quite a lot of the wall has crumbled or broken.

The Imperial WallEdit

Fisheye Placebo ch0 part 7 Picture for Wiki

Vance's family looking at poverty.

In Fisheye Placebo ch0 part 7 while going to Vance's university, Vance asks about the wall as they have been driving by it for a while already. In response to this question, Vance's dad says that Vance should know about how the Imperials built a wall and how they tore down about 10% of it.


The wall was built to seperate the slums of their country from everybody else. Vance's family sees a break in the wall giving his family a glimpse at the terrible truth about poverty in ch0 part 7.

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