Vance Lee is a Chinese-CERian student in the college of engineering at Stuxent University. Being born after the Cultural Revolution, this lead to his given name being English instead of Chinese. He is a hacker, though he mostly hacks just to grab pornography off the Internet where it's banned in CERia. He majors in computer science.

Physical appearance Edit

Vance is portrayed as having red-rimmed glasses, short dark hair, and is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt that has the graphic design of a tie showing "i love apple pi" and a short-sleeved, striped dress shirt over it. When he becomes older, his hair grows out and his gaze sharpens.

Personality Edit

Vance easily panics and he is known for being very gullible. He is a somewhat pathetic person, and is desperate for a girlfriend. He has an addiction to Red Cow, and is a pervert. He only hacks for his and others (such as Alex) desires. He is described as a "Sheep in Man's clothing" by Frey.

Virtual appearance Edit

Vance's cyber representation is depicted as having a block for a head, similar to a Rubik's cube design, wearing a short sleeved shirt and a red tie that graphically represents "I love apple pi."

Trivia Edit

  • A post on Wenqing Yan's Tumblr show a cosplayer's version of Vance kissing Frey and she says in strikethrough text "This is now canon", this could also mean "This is official". It is not known if this is a joke or not.[1]
  • There is a possible relation between Vance and Kai[2]. It is implied they could be cousins (though they live in alternate universes).
  • In some parts of the comic his hair appears brown.

Reference Edit

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