Intro Edit

Vance is initially seen witnessing a person down on their knees at gunpoint. Vance looks on in trepidation and quickly turns tail and makes a break for it, eventually reaching a fence, where he tries to catch his breath. He then questions why the event turned out the way it did, as well as his own intentions regarding what he wanted ("Truth? Justice? Freedom?"). Vance questions whether or not the images of terror in the streets of the Central Eastern Republic truly reflect the ideals of the democracy that he and his friends have been fighting for. He then asks aloud to Frey (mostly to himself) if this was the revolution he had in mind. The intro seems to feature events that have not chronologically been set into action yet, but that Vance will lead up to.

Chapter 0: Hello World! Edit

Part 1 Edit

Vance's room is bombarded by his pestering little sister, Alex, who urges him to fix her laptop so she can watch yaoi on YouTube. Vance informs Alex that she should've dedicated her time to learning [[SSH]] rather than constantly bugging him for computer advice. Alex insists that he help her set up her SSH, where after Vance mentions that there are other ways to scale The Great Firewall imposed on the Central Eastern Republic. After due scolding, Vance begrudgingly agrees to help fix Alex's laptop after he's finished with his most recent hack. Out of curiosity, Alex indulges Vance and asks him what he's hacking. Delighted to unveil his master plan, Vance goes on a passionate rant about "Operation Acquire Girlfriend," which aims to reassign a "sexy redhead"  as his college roommate. After Alex states how creepy his current operation is, Vance delivers a long-winded explanation of how he must ascend to alpha male status and finally scale the firewall of his virginity. Alex disapproves of his plan, but entertains the notion of it, expecting it to fail.  Vance then reassures her that there is nothing to worry about because his hacks are always perfect... except a certain redhead just may be on to Vance's shenanigans..

Part 2 Edit

At the very end of ch 0 part 2, Vance is seen sitting on his chair asking "Alex, how did you get temp-IP banned from the internet?" Alex replies, "BL" (this is known as the modern way to say boy love). Vance replies not understanding what Alex meant, Alex replies "Bro, you wouldn't understand the purest form of love."

Part 3 Edit

During ch 0 part 3, Vance is seen chatting with Robin on B-Social (an online social media website). However, Vance is unaware that Frey is chatting with him using Robin's account in order for him to find out if Vance is a government spy or not. They both flirt with each other until the end of the strip.

Part 7 Edit

As Alex peeks into the trunk of the car, she says that Vance has enough Red Cow, and Vance responds by saying it will barely last a week. His father compliments him, and they get into the car. As they drive along the wall of a broken down school, they see a group of street kids. Both Vance and Alex ask their parents if they can open their windows and give the children food or water. Their father says "NO!", stating that the children are known for stabbing and robbing people when they open their windows to give them food. As they drive away, both Vance and Alex sadly look away from each other.

Part 8 Edit

Vance and his family arrive at his dorm that looks run-down. As they look inside the small space, their parents debate about the quality of the room. They then turn to Vance, asking him if he wants to stay, or if he wants to move to another apartment. Vance looks down and spots Robin's bra on the floor, so he replies by saying "I want to stay!" Later, Vance is finishing his shower, and he questions the 2 toilets in the bathroom, saying that if "He had to take a shit with another person, he wouldn't mind if it was a hot babe like Robin." As he says Robin's name, he steps into the bedroom only to see Frey lying on the bed saying, "Hey there, Roomie <3" Vance's glasses then read, "ERROR 417 EXPECTATION FAILED"

Chapter 1: [][][][][][][][] Edit

Part 2 Edit

Continuing at the end of Chapter 0 Part 8, Frey says "3/10, not impressed." Vance screams, covering his private part. Frey attempts to smoothly calm Vance down, by stating that he worked for Stuxent University, as the Campus InfoSec specialist, and that he found Vance's hacking tracks all over the university's system. Vance begs to be spared from jail time or the $50,000 fine, for fear of being shamed by his family. Frey 'takes pity' on Vance, and tells him that he'll let him off the hook, in exchange for him being a penetration tester to check for flaws in the university's system. Vance agrees and Frey tells him to get dressed, saying "We're heading out."

Part 3 Edit

Frey and Vance are seen crossing a bridge leading to Stuxent University's main administration building in order to go dumpster diving for important or sensitive documents and papers. When they reach the building, they climb over the fence that blocks them from the dumpsters.

Part 4 Edit

Frey and Vance are seen dumpster diving for anything suspicious, with no luck. They eventually discover bags filled with shredded papers and Frey then proceeds to bring the trash bags back to their dorm.

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