Wenqing Yan
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A visual approximation of Wenqing Yan
Biographical Information
Name Wenqing Yan
Alias Yuumei (screen-name)
Title --
DOB May 11 1990
Age 25
Physical Information
Status Active
Location United States of America
Nationality Chinese
Gender Female
Artist Information
Art Focus Digital art
Serial Artworks Knite; Fisheye Placebo
Wenqing Yan (aka yuumei) is a graduate student focusing on digital illustration, and cyber activism. The majority of her digital work is created with software programs such as Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop. Yan has experience with various other traditional mediums and has developed her current style which is described as anime with elements of semi-realism. In May 2012, Yan graduated with a degree in art from Berkeley, University of California. [citation needed]


Wenqing Yan was born in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Her mother left China for the USA when she was five years old. Yan lived with her grandparents for the following four years while her father was away on business trips. When she was nine, she left China as well to join her mother in America.[citation needed]

In spring 2008 she graduated from Monrovia secondary school and in autumn 2008 started attending UC Berkeley, in the Bay Area of California.[citation needed]


Wenqing Yan's artistic style is influenced by Japanese animation and comics. She cites Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, anime series like Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the 1960 film Inherit the Wind and the novel The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain to be her biggest influences.[1]


In spring 2009, Yan made her first major project, 1000 WORDS, a one-shot web flash comic. It was then that she realized her goal to become a comic creator and thus, through art, try to make a difference for the better. What followed next was Knite, a webcomic focusing on the pollution in China. Its widespread popularity throughout the internet led to the interest from various publishers. The story was published in 2013 and can be purchased at local conventions in California. Still, it remains available to be read online for free.

Her other works include Fisheye Placebo (ongoing) and Project WE (on hold). Like much of her work, Yan's illustrations are often inspired by creative freedom, life experiences and knowledge gained through education and training. Project WE was put on hold as she began working on current issues and related themes dealing with the environment, social science and cyberculture. Her gallery of illustrations revolve around similar themes depicting environmental pollution and society. Yan has been credited for participating in an online event called GO GREEN which brought awareness of environmental issues to the online community.

In addition to following current events and assisting global awareness online, Yan's collection of artwork is available in prints offline at conventions! Nature lovers and animal-rights advocates can appreciate the detailed work of Elemental Wolves, which acknowledges the unjust act of wolf slaughter with hopes of bringing an end to the cruelty. Among other tangible resources include her publication of Knite, the Augen Auf card collection, digital paintings in print and specially designed eco bags.

Many of Yuumei's paintings and concepts for future projects can be viewed on DeviantArt and Facebook.

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