Wenqing Yan , also known by the screen name Yuumei, is a self-employed artist focusing on digital illustration and cyber activism. The majority of her digital work is created with software programs such as Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop. Yan has experience with various other traditional mediums and has developed her current style which is described as anime with elements of semi-realism.

In 2011, Yan graduated with a degree in art from University of California, Berkeley.[1]


Wenqing Yan was born in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Her mother left for the United States when Yan was 5 years old but Yan remained in China, living there for another 4 years with her grandparents while her father was away on business trips. When she was 9 yeas old, she went and joined her mother in the U.S. around the same time her parents divorced.[2]

In the summer of 2008 she graduated from Monrovia High School and that fall started attending UC Berkeley in California.[3] She originally started as a biology major by after a year changed it to art as she felt it was her true calling and she could make more of an impact through her art.[1]


Wenqing Yan's artistic style is influenced by Japanese animation and comics though her inspiration comes from many sources, such as nature, personal life experiences, and other artists.[1] She also likes to attend UC Berkley lectures, despite having graduated, for thought-provoking material.[4]

Works Edit

In spring 2009, Yan made her first major project, 1000 WORDS, a one-shot web flash comic. It was then that she realized her goal to become a comic creator and thus, through art, try to make a difference for the better. What followed next was Knite, a web comic focusing on the pollution in China, having been inspired by her childhood. Its widespread popularity throughout the internet led to the interest from various publishers. The story was published in 2013 and can be purchased at local conventions in California but is still available for free online.

Her other works include Fisheye Placebo (ongoing) and Project WE (on hold). Project WE was put on hold as she began working on current issues and related themes dealing with the environment, social science, and cyber culture. Her gallery of illustrations revolve around similar themes depicting environmental pollution and society. Yan has been credited for participating in an online event called GO GREEN which brought awareness of environmental issues to the online community.

Many of Yuumei's paintings and concepts for future projects can be viewed on DeviantArt and Facebook.

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